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Department of Assamese
Faculty Profile- adequacy and competency of faculty

The faculty as a separate discipline started functioning from the very beginning i.e., 1962. From the beginning theMajor(subject) was introduced in Assamese.The founder teachers of the department were Mohesh Ch.Bhatacharyya, Rameswar Saikia, Dr. Amal Rajkhowa and Dr. Prakah Goswami.Dr. N. Gobinda Singhformer head of the Department & Vice Principal of this College. Presently the department has four permanent teachers- one Associate Professor, threeAssistant Professors. The academic conditions in terms of faculty, teaching, learning evaluation is healthy and adequate. All the teachers of the department are sincerely engaged in scholarly pursuits.

Current Faculty Members

Name of the teacher



Research Experience

Teaching Experience

Mrs. Anima Neog

Associate Professor



23 years

Mr Kushal Kumar Das

SeniorAssistant Professor



18 years

Dr. Jyotirmoi Bordoloi

Assistant Professor


Yes, Ph. D.

15 years

Mr. Tarun Loying

Assistant Professor



13 years

Student profile-entry level competency, socio-economic status,language proficiency etc-
Students are admitted strictly on merit(on marks basis).They largely come from rural background and low, middle income group. They are mostly proficient in vernacular language. Though the students prefer vernacular language(i.e Assamese) in learning process; they also have workable knowledge of English.
Changes made in the courses or programmes during the past two years and contribution of faculty to those changes
The college is a constituent unit of the Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh, Assam. Hence the college has no much role to play in such changes. In the recent past,the University syllabi were modified to make it more relevant and updated. Subject-matters like Journalism, Translation Proficiency, Applied Linguistics, Comparative Indian Literature, World Literature etc. were included in our majorsyllabus. We have been preparing for the introduction of the CBCS system which is introduced from 2019-20 session. We think it will bring drastic change in our curriculum. New subjects and concepts like Journalism, Performing Art, History of Assamese Literature, Generic Assamese, Applied Assamese, Western Literature, Theory of Literature, Translation Proficiency,Sanskrit Literature, Pali-Prakit, Apabhransha, Comparative Literature, Selective World Literature, Applied Linguistics, are included in it.
Learning resources of the departments-library,computers,laboratories and other resources
The department has its own small library.It has a good number oftext and reference books. It has a computer with internet facility.Students and teachers normally consult the departmental library and the central library which is quite rich in old and new books . The college subscribes the journals likeIndian Literature the Journal ofSahitya Academy, AsomSahityaSabha Patrika published by Asom Sahitya Sabha, Gariyosi(ISSN), Satsori(ISSN), Prantik(ISSN), OitiryaBarta(ISSN), Katha Guwahati etc.
Modern teaching methods practiced and use of Youtube, PPPT& ICT in teaching/learning
Lecture method is normally followed by the teachers. Sometimes LCD projectors and computers are also used for comprehensive teaching by all faculty member. There is a separate digital classroom in our college. Apart from this tutorial classes and home assignment, group discussions, seminars also arranged by the department. Sometimes teachers taken remedial classes for the backward students.
Participation of teachers in academic and personal counseling of students
Teachers of the department are always available for personal guidance to the students. They are very helpful to the students and encourage them for future prospects. Faculty members guide the students depending on their interest of the subjects. Teachers regularly participate in special coaching classes for students belonging to SC, ST and minority communities. From the last year a new system was developed in the form of Teacher Exchange Program for sharing resources and expertise in the teaching – learning process. Under this program, we have exchanged teachers with the neighboring colleges. In addition, students with difficulties are encouraged to have personal discussion outside their class rooms. Due to this, the student teacher relationship in the department has always remained excellent. Students feel free to seek advice from any teacher, at anytime of the day in the department.
Details of faculty development and teachers who have been benefited during the past two years
The teachers of the department have improved their skill by participating in various refresher/orientation courses and seminars/workshops/ Conferences, short term course programme etc. Most of the teachers regularly act as examiners, Scrutinizer, Head Examiner and some of them are actively engaged in research works also.

Name of the Teachers

Orientation/refresher course



Anima Neog

Attended Orientation
Course in

Presented Paper in …….. UGC sponsored National Seminar.
Attended …… UGC Sponsored National Seminar.
Attended ….Workshop

Attended annual conference of Assam Sahitya Sabha, 2011

Kushal Kumar Das

24-6-2013 T0 14-7-2013 UGC

Presented research paper in (6) UGC Sponsored National Seminar, one International seminar at D.U.
Attended 01 UGC Sponsored National Workshop

Life Member of AsomXahityaSobha,
Life Member of BarbhetiUnnyanSammittee, Jorhat,Assam

 Dr. Jyotirmoi

Attended Refresher Course in the Gauhati University from 14.12.2009 to 03;01.2010

Presented research paper in 04 UGC Sponsored National Seminar
Attended 02 UGC Sponsored Seminar.

Attended annual conference of Assam Sahitya Sobha, 2008, 2009,2011. Attended annual conference of Tiwa Sahitya Sabha every year.

 Mr. TarunLoying

Attended Orientation Programme  inGauhati University from ------- to --------. Attended Refreshers ProgrammeinGauhati University from ------- to --------.

Attended … UGC sponsored National Workshop
Attended .. UGC sponsored National Seminar.
Presented Research       Attended ….Workshop

 Attended annual conference of MishingAgomKc’bang every year.

Departmental Activities
The department has a forum named Asamiya Bibhagiya Cho’ra. It has undertaken different activities including seminar, lectures, quiz, Departmental Reachers Magazine(Yearly), wall magazine, hand-written magazine, educational tours, Field Study etc.
Current Faculty Members
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Mrs. Anima Neog
M.A., Associate Professor, HOD

Mr Kushal Kumar Das
M.A., Senior Associate Professor

Dr. Jyotirmoi Bordoloi
M.A., Assistant Professor

Mr. Tarun Loying
M.A., Assistant Professor

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