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Department of Philosophy
Brief history of the department

The department of philosophy, Jorhat college was started from 1962 when the college was established. The department of philosophy came into being as separate department from the very beginning of the college i.e., 1962. With the response to the demand of time the major courses was introduced from 1994. Since then a number of students have been offering philosophy as a major subject.

Presently the department has three fulltime teachers and one part time teachers. The academic condition in terms of quality of faculty and learning transfer process is healthy and adequate. All the teachers of the department are sincerely engaged in scholarly pursuits.

Founder faculties of the philosophy department:
  1. Late. Bodiuz Zaman
  2. Late. Mahesh Ch. Dutta
  3. Late Chandrasekhar Phukan
Student Profile

Students are admitted in major strictly on merit. Students largely come from rural background from low and middle income group. Students are mostly proficient in mother tongue. They also have workable knowledge of Hindi and English. The subject is equally preferred by both the genders.

Change made in the courses or programmes during the past two years and the contribution of the faculty to these changes
The college is a constituent unit of the DibrugarhUniversity. Hence the college has no role to play in such changes. The university syllabi are modified to make it more relevant and update. Newly, CBCS course has started in 2019.
Learning resources of the departments- Library, computers, and other resources
The department has its own library which is quite good in collection of books. It has one computer and internet facility. Students and teachers normally consult the departmental library and the central library which is quite rich in old and new books.
Modern teaching methods practiced and use of ICT in teaching-learning
Normally lecture method is used. Digital classroom is used for comprehensive teaching. Apart from this procedure, tutorial classes, home assignment are also arranged by the faculty, group discussion, seminar etc. are also arranged among the students. Teachers are available beyond class hours for academic interaction with students.
Participation of teachers in academic and personal counselling of students

The teachers of the department are always available for personal guidance to the students. They are very helpful to the students and encourage them for future prospects. Teachers regularly participate in special coaching classes for students belonging to the Sc, ST, and minority communities. In addition to this, students with difficulties are encouraged to have personal discussion outside their class-room. Due to this the students’ teachers’ relationship in the department has always remained excellent. Students now feel free to seek advice from any teachers, at any time of the day in the department.

Achievements of the department

Sikhanta Gogoi of Philosophy Department won gold medal in the senior category Karate championship held at Rajasthan in September'2021.

Modhusmrita Baruah, alumna of Philosophy Department won silver medal in the National Weight Lifting Championship held at Patiala, Punjab in 2021.

Reetuparna Tanti, alumna of Philosophy Department secured 1st class 9th position in BA final examination in 2016.

Sanjiboni Bora, alumna of Philosophy Department secured 1st class 5th position in BA final examination in 2020.

Current Faculty Members
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Mrs. Minoti Gogoi
Associate Prof, H.O.D.

Mrs. Rupamoni Dutta
Associate Prof.

Dr. Ranjit Bhattacharyya
Assistant Prof.

Reetuporna Tanti
Assistant Prof.

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