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Department of Political Science
Brief history of the department

Jorhat College was established in 1962 and was amalgamated with New jorhat College in 1970. Jorhat College (Amalgamated) became an affiliated college on 1st of December 1972. It is a co-educational Arts college and the Department of Political Science has been an indispensable department of the college since its inception. Every year a large number of students offer Political Science as one of the subject of their course. Because of the demand of students as well as to fulfil the need of the time.Major(Honours) course of the subject was started in 1974-75. Since then a number of students have passed B.A with major in Political Science from this college. In the same way, a large number of students have graduated with Political Science as a core (Generic) subject. The department consists of two permanent faculty members and two part timers.


The department believes in providing quality education to its students and has a strong commitment for the betterment of the students and the college.

Courses Offered
  1. Bachelor of Arts(Honours and Generic)
  2. Master of Arts (Distance Mode, Dibrugarh University)
Present Faculty Members

Name of the Teacher

Date of Appointment



1. Mrs. Rupali Borah



Associate Professor

2. Dr. Bidyut Bora


M.A, MPhil

Assistant Professor

3. Mr Pallab Jyoti Phukan
(Part Timer)



Assistant Professor

3. Mr Pranjal Protim Gogoi
(Part Timer)


M.A., B.Ed.

Assistant Professor

Departmental Library
In General Library, the number of books on Political Science is 711. There is also a Book Bank in the Library. Poor students derive much benefit from it. Besides, the Department of Political Science has a library of its own. The number of books of the Departmental Library is around 400.
Students Selection Process for Major Courses

For major course, students are generally selected on the basis of marks secured in Political Science in the Higher Secondary Examination. Normally 50% is the cut off mark to select students for Major Course. At times, written test is held for selecting the candidate.

Teaching Methods

The department adopts different teaching methods for students. They are:

  1. Usual methods of teaching, which involves:
    1. Classroom Teaching
    2. PPT Classes
    3. Students’ Seminar
    4. Group Discussion
    5. Sessional Exams
    6. Assignments
  2. Innovative methods: it implies the adoption or experimentation with new methods of learning with the students. It involves:
    1. Faculty exchange programs with other colleges
    2. Lecture programs covered by specialists on particular topics
    3. Taking Students to field tours
    4. Teaching them how to conduct surveys etc.
    5. Asking someone to volunteer to take a class on a particular topic.
    6. To encourage them to write on current themes.
    7. Making them aware about their social responsibilities by different means
    8. Introduction of a Digital Library in the department.

Unit Tests are held for both Major and core students and also for the students at the Higher Secondary level. Each individual teacher also take classes along with ICT/PPT classes and give home assignments. Besides, a sessional examination is conducted by the college authority every year. Mistakes are corrected and answer scripts are returned to the students.
Achievements of the Department
  1. 28th and 29th October,2016: UGC sponsored National Seminar on “Politics of Small States in India: with Special Reference to NorthEast” was organized by Department of Political Science, Jorhat college(Amalgamated), in collaboration with Jorhat College Teachers’ Unit, Jorhat College.
  2. September 19,2018: Students educational tour of Political Science Study Centre, Department of Political Science was made to Bardua, a holy pilgrimage site of the Vaisnavite Saint SrimantaSankardeva in Nagoan district of Assam. The sites mainly visited by the student was ‘Satra’, the birth place of the famous Saint and studied his works based on scriptures, inscription and relics which were incepted and preserved at the site. The foot print of Sri Sankardeva on a stone was observed and studied.
  3. 22nd and 23rd February 2019:  ICSSR sponsored National Seminar on “Peace and development in the North East: Prospects and constraints” was organized by the department of Political Science, inviting Resource Person from JNU,Delhi.
Students' Magazine
There is a magazine edited by the students that comes out from this department named: “Prayash.” Here, students are encouraged to write articles on relevant topics so that they can develop the skills of writing. Moreover, on the occasion of the College Week, the department students also take out a hand-written magazine and a wall-magazine. They are mostly encouraged to ponder about recent happenings in the arena of Political Science and to interpret it in their own way. This way it is hoped that they can develop an independent thinking and are able to analyse social happenings from the point of view of a social scientist.
Departmental Journal
The department has started publishing an annual journal, named “Reflections” from 2013.
Extension Activities of the Department
  1. Field survey at Sycotta Tea Estate on 10/06/2016
  2. Prepoll survey on 13th March 2016.
  3. Field survey at DholaSadiya Bridge on 27/06/2017
  4. Field Survey at Bhalukpong Botanical Garden on 14/03/2018
  5. Mask distribution and awareness program among the Tea Garden labourers at Murmuria Tea Estate on 26/06/2019
Students Achievement at Games and Sports:
  1. Ranjan Singha, bronze, silver and gold medalist at Muai Thai, National and International level championship.
  2. Archana Dutta, state women Cricketer.
Inviting Guest Speakers in the Department:
  1. Dr. Devabrata Sharma, Principal,Jorhat College
  2. Ms. Christian Fair, George Masion university, Washington.
  3. MrsAfruz Ahmed, George Mason University, Washington
  4. Ms.Swapnali Chaudhury Borah, HoD,NabinBordoloiCollege,Jorhat
  5. Bipasha Lakra, Research Scholar, JNU.
  6. Prof PadmeswarKatoni, Cinnamara College.
  7. Prof Adil Ul Yasin, Ex HoD, Deptt of Political Science, Dibrugarh University.
  8. Tanzoom Ahmed, Research Scholar, Chicago University, USA.
Educational Tour:
Department of Political science have organised an educational tour to various places. The places visited are: Kaziranga National Park, Sycotta Tea Estate, Murmuria Tea Estate, DholaSadiyaand Bardua, Nagoan. The teachers and students have joined the tour and have made it successful.
Various academic activities undertaken by the Department:
  1. M.A (distance) classes have started for Political Science subject in the year 2018.
  2. Remedial classes for the Major students of the Department.
Future Plans:
  1. The department plans to get involved in more creative activities vis-à-vis the District Political Science Association.
  2. It has also upcoming plans of organizing National and International level Seminars, lecture series etc.
  3. The department is planning to organize a national level seminar basically based on the broad theme on “Women Empowerment.”
  4. The department has created a fund to help those students who are from weak financial background, having Major in Political Science. The department is thinking about making this fund stronger by fundraising. Then it would be able to cover more students.
  5. The Department plans to increase the number of books in the Departmental Digital Library so that it becomes an example to others.
Current Faculty Members
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Mrs. Rupali Borah
Associate Prof, H.O.D.

Dr. Bidyut Bora
Assistant Prof.

Mr. Pallab Jyoti Phukan
Assistant Prof.

Mr. Pranjal Protim Gogoi
Assistant Prof.

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